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12 am - 9 pm
7th line of Vasil'evsky Island 38 
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About us

  • We stand for the world without cruelty. We are vegans and we aim to offer you the best ethical goods.

  • We stand for a healthy lifestyle and we're also always ready to help you understand delicacy of healthy food.

  • We stand for preserving the nature therefore we try to give preference to local producers, goods without palm-oil, recyclable packaging.

We love our shop and we'd be glad to hear what products you'd like us to have, your recipes, offers and comments.

We are always ready to help you enjoy the chosen lifestyle. So if you are on Vasilyevsky Island near our shop, you are always welcome here to grab something to eat, pick up ingredients for a dinner or just to have a chat :)

With huge vegan love,
B12 Team